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Leclair Movers is one of the most experienced and reliable movers in the New Bedford, MA, area. Whether you are planning to move across town or just something heavy across the room, we make sure it gets done right. We will even help you load up your own rental truck!

1. Most people move at the end of the month, but we can't help you if we are all booked up! Contact us as soon as possible to reserve your moving day.


2. Don't waste money on expensive moving boxes. Just visit your local grocery store and get the boxes that they are throwing away. Liquor stores have great boxes that are made to hold and protect heavy, glass bottles.


3. You don't need boxes for soft items like clothes and stuffed animals. You can put them inside inexpensive, heavy-duty trash bags. You can also use clothing to wrap and protect fragile and breakable items like plates and glasses.


4. Are you working on a tight budget? Do part of the move yourself, then contact Leclair Movers for just the large, difficult items like refrigerators.

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